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How HubSpot's Mobile App Keeps Your Sales Team Productive

Posted by Amy Silberman on Mar 9, 2018 12:42:41 PM

CRM systems are great until you have to use them while you’re out on the road, in the car, or traveling from meeting to meeting all day long. It can be difficult to stay on top of updating customer profiles, email or calling contacts, and making notes of any conversations you have in meetings or phone calls. So, to all our road warriors out there, we have a helpful tool for you to use from the convenience of your own phone in the comfort of your own car. Just don’t email and drive!

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Practical Guidelines for Your Hubspot File Manager

Posted by Amy Silberman on Feb 1, 2018 8:04:47 PM

Have you ever had that moment where you put something in a “safe place” so you won’t lose it, but when you actually need the item, you can’t remember where that “safe place” is? This happens to me more often than I’d like to admit and if I had just created an organized system for my important items, I wouldn’t lose them in the first place. The same principle can apply to the files, documents, and photos stored in your CRM software. If you don’t have a system in place for organization, you will have a hard time finding these items when you really need them.

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